Who am I? I’m just a normal guy like most of the people that you will find on the internet.  I never thought I would have a voice or even know if my voice would be heard, but I was encouraged by others to write so here I am.  With this blog, I along with several of my business partners, plan to inspire you to look more into yourself for the inspiration to move forward in life. 

My only purpose is to provide you with my daily movements in both my personal life and business ventures. I will have products listed that I use myself as well as products from our parent company and my fellow business associates. This is not some ploy from an internet marketer to drum up leads, hits, or customers. If you buy something, great, if not….that will be fine too.  I just want people to be properly informed about how things really work when dealing online and for the people that are willing to learn more about me and my daily business and personal struggles, I will have a special section dedicated to me and my randomness.

To anyone who follows, If at all, I appreciate you in advance and look forward to your questions and input.

– Richard a.k.a. Toastman


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