Self Doubt Is Blocking Your Success

I can’t stress how important confidence is in every facet of life. I have always been one of those people who would sit to the side and watch other people get what they want in work, life, relationships, and personal empowerment. I don’t know what happened to me one day and I really can’t explain how it started, but I realized that I had hit a breaking point and I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy with my mental stability. I wasn’t happy with my state of living. I wasn’t happy with where I was going or how I was getting there. 

I can’t stress how saddening it was when I was fired from my last job. I had put so much time into building a career that I lost track of myself in the process. I was all about what’s good for the company and how can I better my company’s brand. I wasn’t concerned with myself any more. My every thought was about my job. In the end I immediately realized that we as American people are programmed to be safe as possible and holding down that dream job or career is the only way to do so. Our basis is go to school, graduate, get a good career, and work there for 30-40 years to secure what is now seen as a sub-standard income to retire on. Now I’m not looking to talk down those of you who are fond of this idea and are already in the planning phases to continue the rest of your life, but our human nature is always to want more. Yes, whether or not you choose to admit it, we all want more out of life. Even if that more is just taking a long vacation, buying a new car, or moving into that dream home. We all want more. Understand that I’m not here telling you that there is  some trick or internet gimmick that will make you a millionaire overnight. I can guarantee you though that with hard work and diligence you can achieve those goals that you are looking forward to completing. 

To be honest, I’m not some rich guy with a passport that magically takes me wherever I want, nor am I financially free as of today’s date. I do happen to believe that I am the perfect person to bring you this information. I am the everyday working man. I run technology consulting and computer repair business during the day and I work a part time job at night. I sell products online and I recruit people who are looking to gain a better tomorrow through their actions today. Again financially free, no. Will I be there soon? Undoubtedly so. I have noticed that there are too many people on the internet, that happen to be well off, spouting these click here to make a million dollars type websites. And most of you will click it and “join” because they make it look so “easy”. My friends, nothing in making money is that easy. Especially if you think you can click a button and all you life problems will instantly be solved. If that were the case, we’d all be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.

I have said a mouthful here, but anyone who is looking to start paving a way for a better future will now have the tools to do so. Curious? Feel free to follow the given links below for more information. Incase you are wondering, this is not some pay for clicks scam either. I have been suckered by those in the past too.

Anyone looking for an amazing business opportunity can click HERE! You can contact me directly here as well. I am a real person just like you and not some paid actor like 95% of the people in these videos online. 

Anyone scared to take the dive into a REAL business opportunity can join up one of my free systems HERE if you just want to learn how to make a few bucks a month online. Yes it is 100% free to join and there are no fees to be a member.

If you have actually read this far, then I thank you for reading my blog and hope that you continue to come back!


– Richard


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