Weight Loss Updates

Its been a while but I’m back with another update. Still no weigh in because honestly I feel a lil scared of the progress. I seem to have lost another inch to inch and a half in my waistline since I started exercising at Planet Fitness. I should also add, best decision I ever made. My daily regimen has been the same for the most part. My diet consists of mostly vegetables but I have begun to add seafood and white meat turkey gradually to my diet. I tried to eat chicken on 3 different occasions and could not keep it down. I still have yet to eat beef again and pork is not even on the menu.

No chicken, beef, or pork until further notice.

The goal is to continue with this complete lifestyle change and help others integrate it into their lives is the same ways that I have. To help with this coaching process, I am working on a handbook that will lead you through the first 30 days of what I call semi-vegan living. I was able to gain help from other peoples experiences through reading about them and I wish to do the same for others. Giving up meat was the hardest thing I had done in a very long time but it was also the most satisfying by the end of the process.

Once the book is finished I will be uploading it to all the normal outlets and it will be extremely affordable to all. Stay tuned to the blog for updates on once this book is finished and published.


Flash Wireless (s), NO CONTRACT, Unlimited Plan under $50 a Month (Updated New Phones)

We live in a world where everyone tends to want more for less, or at least sometimes it seems that way. I happen to be one of the people who don’t see anything wrong with that. The problem with most prepaid or “no contract” plans is that you have to suffer with crappy devices or high end devices that cost you a ridiculous amount of money. I don’t believe in either of those scenarios. I made my switch a few months ago when I found out that I already had friends and co-workers who had also made the switch. Its simple. Buy your own Sprint branded device, make sure that the ESN is clean and that device is not stolen, choose your monthly service agreement, make your first payment and you’re done! Plans start at only $32 dollars a month for unlimited talk only and you can upgrade to unlimited talk, text, picture message, and LTE data for only $47 dollars a month! All devices currently part of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program are subject to a $36.99 activation fee. I have no plans to talk your head off so I’ll just list a few of the devices that are currently activating with Flash Wireless today.

HTC EVO 4G LTE, HTC One (M7 only not M8)

iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s (currently no 6 or 6+)

Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3

Motorola Moto X (2013 version)

LG Nexus 5

Anyone who is curious and currently lives in a Sprint 3G/4G LTE area can click here for details about activation—> Flash Wireless

If you work at/own a cellular phone store and are looking to sell Flash Wireless service in your store, you can contact me directly at richard_sullivan74@hotmail.com Becoming a rep is easy and very profitable if you already carry/repair any of the phones listed above.