Weight Loss Updates

Its been a while but I’m back with another update. Still no weigh in because honestly I feel a lil scared of the progress. I seem to have lost another inch to inch and a half in my waistline since I started exercising at Planet Fitness. I should also add, best decision I ever made. My daily regimen has been the same for the most part. My diet consists of mostly vegetables but I have begun to add seafood and white meat turkey gradually to my diet. I tried to eat chicken on 3 different occasions and could not keep it down. I still have yet to eat beef again and pork is not even on the menu.

No chicken, beef, or pork until further notice.

The goal is to continue with this complete lifestyle change and help others integrate it into their lives is the same ways that I have. To help with this coaching process, I am working on a handbook that will lead you through the first 30 days of what I call semi-vegan living. I was able to gain help from other peoples experiences through reading about them and I wish to do the same for others. Giving up meat was the hardest thing I had done in a very long time but it was also the most satisfying by the end of the process.

Once the book is finished I will be uploading it to all the normal outlets and it will be extremely affordable to all. Stay tuned to the blog for updates on once this book is finished and published.


Weight Loss Challenge: Day 23!

Firstly, I need to apologize for my lateness. Been busy with things so I haven’t updated like I should have. Still getting used to this whole blogging thing so to anyone reading, I would not expect daily updates until I get better with scheduling my time between work, marketing, and blogging…and gaming.

So it seems that once you start this diet of changing the way you eat it turns into habit. I’m finally at the point where I don’t actually crave meat like I used to. I spend a lot more time eating food from my local grocery delis when I’m not cooking at home. Its great because most deli locations have vegetable/side plates for around 5 bucks. Food Depot, Vowell’s, and Kroger have been my best friends during the past few weeks. Understand that I’m not out here saying that I’m eating healthy. Taco Bell has also gotten to know me very well.  Since I work late I don’t always feel like cooking when I go home. I hit my local Taco Bell and look for tasty meatless entrees (that was a joke lol). My normal order is usually a 7 layer with no beans because I have to admit that their beans are terrible. Recently I have just been trying different menu items without and my favorite has been the shredded chicken burrito without the chicken. It has cheese, cilantro rice, and this really good ranch flavored sauce. Like I said not healthy but alternative.

Ill be back in about 7 days or so with an official weigh in. I know I said day 15 but I waited too long so screw it. I will weigh in at day 30 to se how much has changed. Afterwards ill be moving on to the next challenge on myself. I recently bought this 3-week diet and I may start it next. Depends on how things go. I may do it anyway cause I don’t like wasting money lol

Weight Loss Challenge: Day 10!!

So 10 days ago I challenged myself to reach a new weight loss goal.  I’m not much of a planner in most situations so I knew already that treating this like a job would only lead me to bad results.  I consider myself at most times a “doer so this needed to be something I could execute quickly without much thought. So what did I decide…

…I stopped eating meat.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I not only love my meat ( lol ) but I also am a king of BBQ and bacon alike. So I took the hardest thing I could think of and decided to make it my new strength.  After 9+ years serving with the U.S. Army, I’m used to giving things up for long periods of time. So this was a no brainer. The first 2-3 days were the hardest since everyday my friends wanted to go out and I had to forcefully decline. See if this was gonna work it had to be on my terms. While I tend to work best with a team, this was a road that I had to start alone if I was truly going to succeed. I now stand 10 days into my own personal challenge feeling better than I had before and making strides to living a much healthier life overall. 

Understand that this choice is not a permanent one. I love meat too much to never eat it again. I am giving myself 30 days to reshape my life as a whole starting with my diet. I have been to scared to hop on a scale to weigh myself since I started so I don’t know my actual weight loss as of yet. Day 15, being the mid point in this exercise, will be the official weigh in day. Those of you still with me, I appreciate the vote of confidence. I will list below some of the cooking alternatives that have helped me tremendously through this process.

– Richard a.k.a Toastman

Chinese Vegetarian Cookbook – Some great recipes in here!

Jason Ferruggia’s Easy Vegan Recipes – Interesting ways to spice up plain vegetables


Who am I? I’m just a normal guy like most of the people that you will find on the internet.  I never thought I would have a voice or even know if my voice would be heard, but I was encouraged by others to write so here I am.  With this blog, I along with several of my business partners, plan to inspire you to look more into yourself for the inspiration to move forward in life. 

My only purpose is to provide you with my daily movements in both my personal life and business ventures. I will have products listed that I use myself as well as products from our parent company and my fellow business associates. This is not some ploy from an internet marketer to drum up leads, hits, or customers. If you buy something, great, if not….that will be fine too.  I just want people to be properly informed about how things really work when dealing online and for the people that are willing to learn more about me and my daily business and personal struggles, I will have a special section dedicated to me and my randomness.

To anyone who follows, If at all, I appreciate you in advance and look forward to your questions and input.

– Richard a.k.a. Toastman